The Stan Parker Marionettes

Stan ParkerStan Parker was born in 1926. His father was a Punch and Judy performer and Stan took up wood carving as a young man. Soon he became interested in Marionettes or string puppets. He was very influenced by a puppet company in Stratford on Avon, called the Lanchester Puppet Company.

Stan developed his puppet performances within Cumbria and soon had a repertoire of cabaret and circus, he then set off "on the road" to take his shows literally all over the world.

His fame led to him being asked to perform at a puppet festival in Mistlebach, Vienna. There he was voted as "Best Performer" and this led to him being invited to numerous puppet festivals worldwide.

For 25 years Stan and "Stanelli's Super Cicus" was one of two major puppet exports from the United Kingdom. Stan and his wife Dorothy travelled from their home in Carlisle to become the toast of many major European puppet festivals. They appeared in Jerusalem, Warsaw, and regularly in Vienna and Gothenburg, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon.

Taking his now famous "Stanelli's Super Cicus" puppet theatre out of Europe, he performed in Japan, Korea, Israel, Pakistan and behind the iron curtain with two very successful visits to the USSR, Moscow and Leningrad. He was invited to be guest of honour at the 25th. Mistlebach puppet festival.

Stan flew the flag not just for himself, but for British puppetry and for many years he was an active member of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild, and was the editor of the "Puppet Master" magazine from 1981 to 1987. He was also a member of British UNIMA.

"Stanelli's Super Circus" was a show tailor made for children and adults .Not only was Stan a brilliant puppet carver and manipulator but he was also a skilled Punch and Judy performer. Every marionette was lovingly carved and dressed by Stan and each one had it's unique character.

Stan had a wonderful knowledge and love of ballet and theatre,circus and puppets. He shared his experience with puppeteers the world over and delighted audiences everywhere.

STAN PARKER 1926-2004 "A true Puppet Master"


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